• Kimberly Curtis
    Kimberly Curtis
    Nueces County Republican Party Chairwoman
  • Blake Farenthold
    Blake Farenthold
    Congressman District 27 Texas
  • Todd Hunter
    Todd Hunter
    State Representative District 32
  • Loyd Neal
    Loyd Neal
    County Judge
  • Mike Pusley
    Mike Pusley
    County Commissioner Precinct 1
  • Joe McComb
    Joe McComb
    County Commissioner Precinct 4
  • Jim Kaelin
    Jim Kaelin
    County Sheriff
  • Greg Perkes
    Greg Perkes
    13th Court of Appeals Place 3
  • Angelica Hernandez
    Angelica Hernandez
    105th District Judge
  • Guy Williams
    Guy Williams
    148th District Court
  • Tom Greenwell
    Tom Greenwell
    319th District Court
  • Missy Medary
    Missy Medary
    347th District Court
  • Brent Chesney
    Brent Chesney
    County Court at Law Judge #5
  • Angie Flores Granado
    Angie Flores Granado
    SREC SD 20 Committee
  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones
    SREC District 20 Committee
  • Larry Cox
    Larry Cox
    Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2, Place 2
  • Robert Sherwood
    Robert Sherwood
    Precinct 4 Constable